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  1. Class [6.34]
  2. Anger [10.03]
  3. Changing [3.44]
  4. Surface [2.39]
  5. Moments [3.13]
  6. Matter [11.15]
  7. Orders [9.23]
  8. Approval [0.43]
  9. Rumble [3.01]
  10. Sun [5.52]
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The Love Songs album is available to download,
complete with cover art, in mp3 or flac format.
[94 MB]
[339 MB]


The First Album of the LPO Trilogy.

Carmel Morrissey:Vocals Giles Narang:Drums
Hugo Danino:Vocals, Bass Jay Righelato:Drums
Jim LeBaigue:Drums Morris English:Guitar, Bass
Nicole Nagel:Bass, Guitar, VocalsPares:Guitar
Sharon Gal:Bass Stuart Fisher:Electronics
Tom Goldsmith:Bass, Guitar

Improvisations recorded at Scarborough Road Studios, Finsbury Park, early 2003. Mixed by Steven Carver and Hugo Danino at The Speaker Palace (except track 3 mixed by Jason Gleeson). Mastered at Phosferris Studios by Jason Gleeson. Special thanks to Tom Goldsmith for supplying Scarborough Road Studios. Drawings by Morris English. Technical expertise by deadbattery.

© 2006 The Little Princess Orchestra.


Outtake from the original love songs recording session:
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Prolonged exposure may have undesirable effects:
Idiot Loop  Play Stop

Coming soon... an 8 track session for you to sample & remix.

Second Album of the LPO Trilogy:
Oedipal Complexities

Final Album of the LPO Trilogy:
Looking For The Bright Coloured Bird


A lovely handcrafted limited edition hard copy CD.

Bottle Postcard Rubbish Bottle Crushed Can
Jazz Dude
Space Cadet
Morris Jim Nicole
Carmel Stuart